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University of Victoria
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Victoria, BC
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Research Interests

I am currently working at the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies (CICS). I am responsible for running our statistical model which calculates seasonal predictions across Canada of upcoming Temperature, Precipitation, and other weather elements, as well as the technical side of various projects including Canadian Climate Impacts and Scenarios. I am also computer systems administrator, network administrator and webmaster at CICS.


I looked into the role of oceanic gateways in paleocirculation and paleoclimate for my Master's in the Climate Modelling Group at the University of Victoria, using a fully coupled ocean-atmosphere model. The atmospheric component was an Energy-Moisture Balance Model developed by Gus Fanning, while the ocean was the GFDL MOM model.


I am interested in the use of statistical and numerical models of climate, particularly in comparing results to past observations and making predictions of future climate and climate change. I am interested in what we can learn about climate dynamics by making experiments with climate models.


Things that attracted me to this field: non-linearity, applications to real life, computers, maps, satellite photos, good job prospects, not to mention the serendipity of meeting my M.Sc. supervisor, Andrew Weaver, as our wives were simultaneously going into labour with our children!



Climate & Oceanography Sites

Closure of the Isthmus of Panama - Late Miocene/Pliocene (Thesis Links)


Some of the more interesting papers I've written for classes and work terms:

  • Murdock, T.Q., 1996: Role of oceanic poleward heat transport in a coupled climate model, EOS 550 (Ocean-Atmosphere System), University of Victoria.
  • Murdock, T.Q., 1995: Effects of closure of Isthmus of Panama on ocean circulation, EOS 531 (Physical Oceanography), University of Victoria.
  • Murdock, T.Q., 1995: Tidal Gravity Variations at a Fixed Location with L&R Gravity Meter, Physics 429 (Honours Lab Course), University of Victoria.
  • Murdock, T.Q., 1994: Climate Data Translation Projects, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (work term).
  • Barnes, J.A., T.E. Gough, T.Q. Murdock, M. Stoer, 1995: Absolute Intensities in Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy, Review of Scientific Instruments, 67, F '96, 371-4. (Nothing to do with Oceanography, but it has been published. University of Victoria Chemistry department work term).




Trevor Murdock

Victoria, BC


M.Sc. Earth and Ocean Sciences:

  • Completed University of Victoria, November 1997, (GPA 7.17/9)
  • Supervisor, Dr. Andrew J. Weaver (
  • Experience includes numerical modelling of past climate, multidisciplinary research, analysis, publication and presentations of results, thesis defense, teaching assistant: preparing and marking assignments, and teaching.
  • Publication: Geophysical Research Letters (Murdock, Weaver, and Fanning, "Paleoclimatic response of the closing of the Isthmus of Panama in a coupled ocean-atmosphere model", vol. 24 no. 3, pp. 253-256).

B.Sc. Honours Physics Major, with distinction, Co-op:

  • First year at Malaspina College, Nanaimo, May 1991 (GPA 9.8/10)
  • Completed University of Victoria, May 1995 (GPA 7.93/9)
  • Co-op work term history available upon request

High School Diploma:

  • Ballenas Secondary, Parksville, June 1989
  • Grade 13, Danderyds Gymnasium, Sweden, May 1990 (Rotary exchange)


I have received 23 honours and awards from the above institutions. A complete list is available upon request.


Computers have been a key element of each of my B.Sc. work terms as well as for my M.Sc. and current position at the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies. I have an strong interest in computers, and considered doing a degree in computing itself, but decided rather to use computers in studying Physics, Oceanography and Climate.


Programming experience includes Fortran, HTML, CSS, Perl, Matlab, LaTex, Pascal, Visual Basic, and IDL. Operating and networking systems experience includes PC Windows (3, 95, 98, and NT), UNIX, DOS, VAX/VMS, LAN, and Macintosh. I have used a wide variety of word processors, spreadsheets, database, imaging, web server, mathematical, statistical, and graphing packages. Hardware experience includes troubleshooting and minor upgrades such as memory, hard drives, modems, printers, monitors, and video cards.


I am always eager and quick to learn new computer programming languages, operating systems, and applications.


One of my most valuable skills is the ability to learn and to teach. I learn very quickly on my own or from others and have a wide range of interests. I love people, can relate to people of all ages, and get along well with everyone. I have tutored, prepared and marked assignments, taught classes, and lead group discussions, and I am always teaching and learning from my daughters. I excel both in communicating ideas and understanding what others are trying to express. I enjoy helping others understand concepts that are difficult for them and am able to explain things to people who have a different way of understanding things from my own.


Laboratory experience includes using equipment, taking measurements, designing and machining apparatus, assembling circuits, interpreting results, and making recommendations for future procedures. My laboratory experience comes from my co-op B.Sc. work terms as well as Physics courses.


Other skills include Standard First Aid, CPR, fluent Swedish, some French and Sign Language.


Academic interests include computers, reading, and writing. I have always been involved in the community and have participated on various committees, edited newsletters, and planned major events. Other subjects of interest include parenting and nutrition. I have led group discussions in parenting courses, edited parenting manuals, and am writing a book on parenting.


Walking, biking, roller-blading, badminton, and camping are my favourite forms of outdoor recreation. I also enjoy swimming and juggling.


EMPLOYER:Canadian Institute for Climate Studies, Victoria
PERIOD:May 1997 - present
DUTIES:Operation of statistical seasonal climate prediction model, model and technique development, computer and network systems management, data extraction, processing, and analysis, contact work, and web site development and maintenance.


EMPLOYER:Canadian Climate Center, Department of Environment, Gov't of Canada, Victoria
PERIOD:April - September 1994
DUTIES:Translating climate data storage formats.


EMPLOYER:BC Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks, Victoria
SUPERVISOR:Dr. Malcolm Clark
PERIOD:August - December 1993
DUTIES:Quality assurance studies, designing databases, statistics project.


EMPLOYER:Dr. T.E. Gough, Chemistry Department, University of Victoria, Victoria
SUPERVISOR:Dr. Jack Barnes
PERIOD:January - April 1992
DUTIES:Designing and constructing apparatus, computer modeling and experiments.